Donation Request

Arrow Ace Hardware & Paint Donation Policy

Arrow Ace Hardware & Paint receives many donation requests every week. We give to a wide variety of organizations annually, but due to high volume we’re unable to respond to every request. Based on our sales we budget a generous amount for donations and we honor as many requests for worthy causes as possible within our budget. However, the number of requests we receive still exceeds our budget. We regretfully cannot honor as many requests as we would like.

Please note our guidelines for donation requests:

  1. Arrow Ace does not accept phone solicitations.
  2. Fill out a donation request form and bring into our store.
  3. We must have a 30 day advance notice of a donation request.
  4. Our committee considers requests once a month.
  5. We choose not donate to individuals, “sponsor” individuals, or buy courtesy advertising. We donate to organizations only.
  6. Arrow Ace allows only one donation per year per organization.

We kindly ask you to respect our policies.

If you do have a request, please fill out the form attached and bring it into our Arrow Ace Hardware store in your neighborhood. Due to large volume of requests not everyone will receive a reply, but all requests are given fair consideration.

Donation Request Form