Consumer Banner Printing

Ace Dealer Printing

Economical Banner: Perfect for short term celebrations like Birthday or Graduation parties. Printed on 8 mil water-resistant polypropylene that provides brilliant color reproduction and exceptional durability needed to produce short-term banners and outdoor posters. It’s easy to put up and includes clear Power Tabs for extra strength in the corners.

Tough Vinyl Banner: When you need a durable banner to last a while longer and be weather resistant our Tough Vinyl Banner is a great choice. The 16-mil scrim-reinforced vinyl material reproduces colorful photographs and text with a high level of resistance to water and scratching. It’s easy to put up and comes with clear Power Tabs for extra strength in the corners.

Size Economical Banner Tough Vinyl Banner
2'x4' Banner $29.99 $39.99
2'x6' Banner $44.99 $59.99
2'8' Banner $59.99 $74.99

Power Tabs - Additional $1.50 Each

Signs & Posters

Choose your Paper

Gloss Photo Paper – Sharp details, great contrast with a wide color gamut makes this a great choice for economical signs. 8 mil thickness.

Photo Satin Paper – This paper is the perfect choice for posters, commercial displays and photo portraits. Works in any light situations and the satin finish reduces glare. 10 mil thickness

Premium Satin - Thick and heavy premium quality (11.5 mil) Satin paper is great for someone who needs a print with all the extras including support. Realistically saturated colors and accurate skin tones make this a great choice for printing photographs or beautiful signs.

Size Gloss Photo Photo Satin Premium Satin
(2 qty minimum)
$2.25 $2.49 $2.79
11x17 $4.35 $4.99 $5.99
16x24 $8.99 $9.99 $11.99
24x30 $16.99 $18.99 $22.99

Laminating is available for sizes up to 11x17.

8.5x11 Lamination (5mil) - $1.49

11x17 Lamination (5mil) - $2.99


Text Only Design: Choose from the three typestyles below and choose the background style. Free


Basic Design: Basic design gives you the ability to add simple graphic elements to your banner with standard fonts, background choices and colors. May include a logo and one image. Free proof by email. $20

Complex Design: Going beyond basic and adding some flair to your banner is an option. Adding custom features with multiple graphic elements (images & logos, custom backgrounds, etc). Specific fonts may incur an extra charge if they must be ordered. Free proof by email. $40

Sample Backgrounds:

wood yellow
blue red

Providing Photographs: We will print your photo to our best ability with the image(s) you provide, however Arrow Ace Hardware does not guarantee the image quality of photographs provided.

Notice about Copyright: We will not print professional copyrighted images without the maker’s permission. Please have the image maker sign an authorization to print form and submit it with your order.